explain what happened to Jay out of 2PM, I never understood, some say it’s because he made a stupid and others because jyp lied. Explain me

Made a comment on myspace about Korea, something about how he didn’t like Korea (which is VERY REASONABLE SINCE HE WAS YOUNG AND ALONE -.- OBVIOUSLY YOU’D HATE THE PLACE). So ladeeda a few days from 2PM’s first anniversary some very nosy and annoying netizens found out what he wrote and leaked it on the internet. Obviously those motherfucking crazy netizens didn’t like what he wrote (but come on, it was like 5 million fucking years ago gdamnit) so they started flaming him and all. It was really blown out of proportion, he left Korea and headed for Seattle. Then JYPE comes along claiming that Jay had some issues with his private life that was not going to go well if revealed to the public blablahblah*insert jype’s bullshit*blahblahblah so Jay couldn’t come back.

But who gives a fuck now right? Jay’s back strong than ever and he’s not gonna go away anytime soon ♥ JYPE can go fuck themselves over and over, they’re just digging their own grave (and burning a hole in their pocket by paying journalists to write nasty articles about Jay, tsk tsk, save your money for 2PM, if you know what’s good for you -.-)

Yeah. Damn this was lengthy…

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